SoCal Pitbull TEAM spoke out against a proposed ordinance in Orange County on February 4th, 2014. To help prepare for speaking in a public forum and to get an idea of what local government hearings are like, see the video below courtesy of

SoCal Pitbull TEAM has tried to compile a CONCISE list of resources for current and future pit bull advocates and those of you who just want to learn more about the issues faced by bully breed dogs and their owners. This is by no means a complete library, but we have worked hard to provide you with the BARE NECESSITIES you need to:

1.  Understand some of the myths surrounding pit bull type dogs
2.  Develop an understanding of why fear of this breed has been perpetuated by the media and permeated our society
3.  Explain to others why Breed Discriminatory Legislation is a failure legally, fiscally, and ethically
4.  Demonstrate incongruities in dog bite statistics and sources of such misinformation
5.  Effectively advocate in support of the bully breeds and their guardians

Thank you for visiting our resources page. Please click on and download each of our articles in the drop down menu and share with your friends and family. The only way to counteract misinformation is with factual information, and we've tried to provide that to you here. If you have any suggestions for additional material, please use our CONTACT US page and let us know!

A great place to start is by watching our short (20 minute) informative video, below, entitled "Creating Safer Communities Through Advocacy and Education", featuring commentary from Deirdre "Little Darling" Franklin of Pinups for Pitbulls, Roo Yori author of Wallace the Underdog, and Rebecca Corry of Stand Up For Pits Foundation, among other respected pit bull advocates.